Sunday, September 15, 2013

10/2: Exquisite Corpse Play: Sci Fi!

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An Exquisite Corpse is a play (or poem or work of art) gradually created by a group of people. Each writer only sees the line previous to the one s/he is writing, etcetera. The result is a strange, funny, and wondrous thing. It's almost as though it were invented by The Surrealists, which of course it was. It is an easy game to play and you'll never forget it.

Join us for a theatrical version of Exquisite Corpse in the otherworldly style of the Science Fiction genre. YOU will help us write the play and then our amazing cast will perform it for you just minutes after you finish it!

It takes no expertise, per se, to collaborate in the creation of an Exquisite Corpse. In fact you can do it with a drink in your hand. Bring an open mind and a sense of play. A glass of wine, might help.

When you arrive for the show you'll find a sci-fi potluck in full swing. Bring something to share or enjoy the food and drink we provide. Between sips and bites you can take your turn contributing a few lines to the scene of our evolving sci-fi play. Don't worry, we'll help you get started--no prior Corpse composition is requisite to jump in and help write the night's entertainment. Though we recommend coming in costume to help set the mood of classic Science Fiction.

MORE DETAILS coming soon. Reserve your place and Choose Your Level of support--we're kicking off a new crowd-fundy approach to tickets for the show. You can chip in a little bit more to help make an amazing evening:
  • TIP the actors out ahead of time, the extra cash you give goes right to our actors
  • FEED your need for a delicious evening and we'll put your extra $5 to our food/drink budget
  • SUPPORT THE FUTURE of the Exquisite Corpse--we want to keep doing this, give an extra $5 to help us publicize, promote, build props and set, and other cover other costs that help us make an ever more ambitious production
  • GIVE A LITTLE BIT to everything--Super Patrons and Super Heroes gifts go to all aspects of show, actors and production. And we'll have some nice surprise thank yous for you, too.
  • KEEP IT CHEAP cuz not everyone can give extra every time. If you need to there's a low low price and you get the play and the pot luck for the price of a movie.
More fun and surprises are in store. Get your tickets while they last! Tell your friends. See you there!!!