Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Salon San Carlos V: Fabulous Expectations

Foul Play Production is proud to team up with Princess Cream Pie to bring you Gaea Denker's Fabulous Expectations at Salon San Carlos V!  Join us for SIX NIGHTS ONLY, March 6 - 15, 2015, Fri & Sat @ 8pm, Sun @ 5pm.  Tickets are free, but seating is limited

Gaea Denker's Fabulous Expectations
Photographer Jamey Thomas  Models Gaea Denker, Jim Jeske, & Sailor
Graphics Foul Play Productions

After a brief, uncomfortable, morning encounter with a flasher in a park, lonely, willowy orphan Pip (Cameron Eng) finds employment under the wise, embittered, nearly-title-holding drag queen, Mz. Havisham (Dave McKew) at Satis House, a struggling gay bar long past its heyday.  Enamoured by her cosmopolitan and beautiful assistant Estella (Gaea Denker), Pip is unwittingly caught up in the world of drag pageantry as he’s mysteriously entered in the prestigious Fabulous Expectations contest.

His heart set on impressing the impenetrable Estella, he overcomes his straight-guy reluctance and commits himself to drag performing, only to discover his fiercest competition is none other than Havisham’s number-stealing rival, the vitriolic Anna Rexia / Bentley (Mikl-em) and the gender-bending boy toy waif, Pocket.  But plots within plots unfold, and Pip realizes that he’s got to man up in order to beat off the other contestants and be the best female impersonator on stage.

Will poor Pip get his happy ending with Estella?   Will Bentley take the cake?  Or is this all a big excuse to have some laughs?  Well, what do you expect?

Playwright Gaea Denker has a fondness for classical lit and lowbrow wit. She writes comedic material for Ham Pants Productions (, 915 Cayuga (, and The Sparkleponies ( She holds an MFA in writing for screen and stage.

Songs written by Princess Cream Pie (, San Francisco faux queen and swinger-songwriter extraordinaire. “Quick Sniff of Poppers” written by New York drag sensation Ida Slapter.​

Monday, December 1, 2014

Fallen Cosmos: Calling All Artists, Performers and Amazing Folks!

Calling all artists, performers and Amazing Folks of All Kinds!

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility has announced its next enigmatic participatory multi-disciplinary arts event, Fallen Cosmos, on January 31st.  It's an immersive night where hundreds of folks have collaborated to create an completely otherworldly reality, where no one person can see absolutely everything and no two people will have the same experience.  Details of the event are kept clandestine to ensure maximum possibility!

Foul Play has the distinct honor to head up the vital team of guides to ensure everyone's good time. Our cadre has a hybrid role:  Not only are we inhabitants of this innovative world, we act as guide and docent to the patron, facilitating their interaction with the installations as well as providing logistical information.

You can find out more info about the event here, although it only contains the scant information released to the public.   And you can contact us at if you want to enlist!

Their previous event, the All Worlds Fair, unfolded at the Old Mint and you can see photos and find out more here.

Check out the All Worlds Fair gallery from photographer Audrey Penven.

All Worlds Fair, photographer Audrey Penven

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Faux Queen Pageant 2014: Fashion Faux-ward! -- Sept 6 @ SOMArts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Calendar, Events, Drag, Faux Queen, Pageant, Contest, Benefit, etc
PRESS CONTACT:  Tria Connell at triaconnell (at) me (dot) com
PRESS PHOTOS:  Available at; photographer Korey Luna

BEA DAZZLER presents (in association with the KLUBSTiTUTE KOLLECTiVE)
Fashion Faux-ward!

The Original Pageant for Drag Queens Trapped in Women’s Bodies

model Cara Couture
photographer Andrew Losh
of Strange Productions
Saturday, September 6, 2014
Doors & Bar Open @ 9:00, Pageant @ 10pm

934 Brannan St, b/t 8 & 9, SF

$20 in advance (Cash Only) at Retrofit, 910 Valencia @ 20th, SF
$25 at the Door (Cash Only)
$35 VIP with Reserved Upfront Seating, Raffle Ticket and Pageant Poster

fauxqueenpageant (at) gmail (dot) com

September 2014, San Francisco, CA -- Suit up this Fall in sartorial splendor!  Bea Dazzler kicks off the season with the Faux Queen Pageant:  Fashion Faux-ward!, the original contest for drag queens trapped in women’s bodies.   Dressed to kill, our contestants will hit below the belt and get you hot under the collar on Saturday, September 6 at SOMArts Cultural Center, SF, as they compete for fabulous prizes and the 2014 title.

The Faux Queen Pageant is an "only-in-SF!" glamour contest founded in 1995 by Diet Popstitute and Ruby Toosday, continued by the KLUBSTiTUTE KOLLECTiVE, that benefits many local community organizations. Originally intended for female female-impersonators, that is, women-dressed-as-men-dressed-as-women, the FQP has been restored to glory by title winner Bea Dazzler (FQ 1998), becoming a celebration for women drag performers in their own right, and a showcase of a groundbreaking talent. 

This year, the theme is “Fashion Faux-ward!” where contestants will “sew” the seeds of the Coup Couture!  Diva la revoluciĆ³n!  We’ll see which fashion has traction, and find out just who will beat the pants of whom.  Contestants throw their hat into the ring and compete in two categories:  the Catwalk, where style goes the extra mile, and the Showcase, where the faux fur flies and these ladies’ talent will leave you shaking in your boots.  Fauxs vie for fabulous prize packages donated from local vendors and artists--but only one will rise victorious and walk away with the ultimate prize, the title of FAUX QUEEN 2014! 

PLEASE NOTE:  Patrons can Tip the Scales!!!   Audience Tips determine who gets the Audience Favorite Award.

Celebrity MCs are: the illustrious and First Faux Queen title holder, the indomitable Laurie Bushman aka Coca Dietetica (FQ 1995), and original faux queen and stylish entrepreneur behind the Glama-Rama Hair Salon, Deena Davenport.

Celebrity Judges include:  Last year’s title winner Cara Couture (FQ2013); Trannyshack’s own Heklina; Miss Diva USofA, Brandi Amara Skyy; Therese "Aunty Anita" Wonnacott; and pageant founder Ruby Toosday!

"The FQP has grown over the years into a now stunning display of eyelashes, sequins, and feathers. Oh, and of course drag queens trapped in the bodies of real girls, all battling it out for the coveted title. If last year’s competition is anything to go by, this year will be further proof that it no longer matters what gender you are, just that once you set foot on that stage, you MUST bring it!” 
-- Heklina, of

“Not only is the FQP fun and incredible, it has historic importance, in that the Faux Queen phenomenon was born here, and is growing by leaps and bounds!  I am so thankful that Bea Dazzler has brought it back!”
-- Deena Davenport, an Original Faux Queen and maven of the Glama-rama Hair Salon.

Faux Queen Pageant 2014 commences on Saturday, September 6, 2014 at SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan, SF.  Doors & Bar @ 9pm; Pie Eating Contest @ 9:30; Pageant @ 10pm; Winner’s Circle at 12mid.  Tickets are $25 at the door and $20 in Advance at RetroFit, 910 Valencia @ 20th, SF.   Check for updates.

The FQP is produced by Bea Dazzler in association with KLUBSTiUTE KOLLECTiVE; and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for local organizations.  This year’s beneficiaries are Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue (, SaveABunny ( and Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc. (

Our fabulous Contestants include: Agorafauxbia, Alabama Slamma, Ferosha Titties, Hazzard Strange, Linty, KaiKai Bee Michaels, Migitte Nielsen, Roxanne Redmeat, Miss Shugana, and Vesper Synd.

Our generous Sponsors and selfless Donors include: Foul Play Productions, Hare Brained Productions, Retro Fit, SOMArts Cultural Center and Trannyshack. 


ABOUT BEA DAZZLER:  Tria Connell was born in Columbus Ohio "in the heart of it all".  She received a BA in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati.  Tria moved to SF after Graduation in 1995 where she set about finding her place in the universe.  In 1996 she met Joshua Grannell and Peaches Christ, she was enamored by her alternaDrag and began designing Costumes for Peaches and working on the long running Midnight Mass with your Hostess Peaches Christ event. to the present, she has done everything from perform on stage to costume design, to co-produce.  In 1997 Tria was introduced by Joshua to a club called Trannyshack and something called a "Faux Queen" Thrilled that there was a way for her to perform onstage imitating a Drag Queen she adopted the name Bea Dazzler (after one of her favorite things, Sorvoski Crystal Rhinestones) and began performing. She entered and Won the 4th annual Faux Queen Pageant in 1998.  Today Tria continues to produce the Faux Queen Pageant, bringing it to a new generation of Faux Queens, as well as designing one of a kind costumes for San Francisco's Drag Stars!

ABOUT THE KLUBSTiTUTE KOLLECTiVE:   Since 1990, KLUBSTiTUTE continues to parade the glamour and the gore in honor of a rich tradition.  We strive to set the stage for underground Queer Cabaret, wacky theme parties and kinky drag performances.  We founded the KLUBSTiTUTE KOLLECTiVE to continue these non-traditional traditions after the passing of our inspiration and founder DIET POPSTiTUTE in 1995 who created and sustained a legendary line-up of freaks, performers and events to make the most jaded queens come out in joyful celebrations of abandonment.  Productions have included the theatrical megahit ROCKY HORROR SUPERSTAR: the Jesus of Frankenfurter Story, PromSTiTUTE, Ruby’s Rated X-Mas and the VIRGIN QUEEN CONTEST for 1st Time Drag Queens.  We are honored to pass the Faux Queen Pageant torch into such capable hands, and look forward to all the drink tickets we’ll be getting.

ABOUT MICKABOO COMPANION BIRD RESCUE:  Mickaboo is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in the San Francisco Bay area. We are dedicated to rescuing companion birds (parrot-type and other commonly domesticated birds) who have been neglected, abused, injured or surrendered to us.

ABOUT SAVEABUNNY:  SaveABunny was founded in 1999 following the rescue of a neglected stray rabbit,and has grown into a nationally recognized adoption, education and foster center.  We are recognized as a leader in rabbit rescue efforts, as well as a model for building effective partnerships with animal shelters and community groups, such as the Girl Scouts.

ABOUT WOMEN ORGANIZED TO MAKE ABUSE NONEXISTENT, INC (WOMAN, Inc): WOMAN, Inc. has operated since 1978 as a community-based, multi-service agency, serving survivors of domestic violence in San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.