Monday, September 16, 2013

10/02/13: Mikl-em presents an Exquisite Corpse Play: Sci-Fi

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Stage Werx and Foul Play Productions present
An audience-participation theatre game, where a play is created and performed in one night!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 (*just added!)
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Show at 7:30 pm

Stage Werx Theater
446 Valencia, b/t 15 & 16, SF


$15 online at
Multiple Support Levels Available




For one night only, Mikl-em, Stage Werx and Foul Play Productions present a theatrical Exquisite Corpse Play: Sci-Fi, a collaborative play-writing party that culminates in an otherworldly Science Fiction play being performed live by an amazing cast of comic actors and improvisers just minutes after it is written! 

An Exquisite Corpse is a creative collaborative game, invented by the Surrealists, that playfully makes a surprising work of art.  Adapted to stage plays by the Cacophony Society, our team has modernized it into a theatrical party.  It begins with guests taking turns writing in between bites and sips, while mingling with the characters whose lines they are about to write. Next the tables are cleared, scripts are printed, and only minutes after its creation, an audience-authored Science Fiction play is performed LIVE by some of San Francisco’s finest actors, comedians & improvisers.

Dressing in cosmic finery or other far out costume is encouraged, as is bringing some drink or food for sharing. But neither is required. And most important is a sense of play and humor. It’s a night full of invention and surprise for audience and performers alike. Don’t miss it!

A Surreal tradition reimagined
An Exquisite Corpse play is written by a group of people in series. Each person only sees one line from the previous writer, before they take their turn as author. A bit like a game of “telephone” the story progresses and digresses in an unpredictable, wondrous, and funny way.

Invented by The Surrealists as a parlour game, it is easy to play, and when the resulting script is interpreted live by talented comic actors and improvisers you get a night of hilarious, collaboratively creative fun. We add in some food and drink to make the party atmosphere complete.

And we have more tricks up our sleeve: wild costumes and props; aliens and spacemen who walk up and say hello before you write for them; Science Fiction sounds and visions to get you in the mood to add a new chapter to the genre. We do everything we can to create an incredible night you'll never forget.

In fact the writing has already begun! Weeks ahead of time, our audience helps choose a title for the play (, writes lines for our starship’s computer (, and sets which characters will be in the story.

On the night of the show...

When you arrive you'll find a sci-fi potluck in full swing. Bring something to share or enjoy the food and drink we provide. Then take a turn writing the evolving play with your fellow audience. Don't worry, no prior Corpse composition is required, it’s easy and fun. We suggest dressing in costume or wearing an outfit that helps set the classic Science Fiction mood. After it's been written, watch our stellar cast make the most of the strange story you've all created.

All that and more fun and surprises are in store.  The Exquisite Corpse Play: Sci-Fi is from Mikl-em, Stage Werx and Foul Play Productions, and is ONE NIGHT ONLY on Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:30pmTickets start @ $15 online at, have multiple participation levels, and are available at the door.  Stage Werx is at 446 Valencia Street (near 16th), in the heart of the SF Mission District,


ABOUT MIKL-EM: ExCorpse Re-animator, Director, and co-Producer, Mikl-em has a 15+ year habit of breaking San Francisco theatre out of traditional boxes. As a writer, actor, and producer Mikl focuses on surprising events that are participatory and delightful. From playing with the San Francisco Cacophony Society to performing in Popcorn Anti-Theater and DADAFest to site-specific events like The All Worlds Fair and kicking off this new series of Exquisite Corpse plays, Mikl is dedicated to pushing theatre beyond its usual bounds.

ABOUT STAGE WERX: Stage Werx Theatre has a track record for eclectic, off beat and daring performance. From Circus to Rock Opera to fantastical Solo Performance and Storytelling, Stage Werx is the place for something just a little different. We produce, promote, support, mentor and provide resources for new, emerging and established performance companies, solo artists and other performers. Established in 2011 and run by Ty Mckenzie with the help of twin sister Cory Mckenzie, it's a cozy intimate 70 seat theatre with room for more. Not a bad seat in the house and lots of varied programing to choose from.

ABOUT FOUL PLAY PRODUCTIONS:  Since 2008, this SF based production company, founded by Sean Owens and Cameron Eng, has been dedicated to curating insightful, innovative, and accessible theater. They've brought you Attack of the Killer B-Movies (I & II), Left-Handed Darling, Wicker Man: the Rock Opera, Princess Bride: Live! and the runaway hit comedy, Stale Magnolias.  Continued by Cameron Eng with help from collaborators like Mikl-em, their focus is on working with the vibrant, local talent to create unique and powerful theatrical events, with an economically resilient production style.