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08/2013: Sean Owens' Breeches of Etiquette

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Foul Play Productions presents the World Premiere of SEAN OWENS’
A Tailor-Made Evening of Sartorial Short Plays & Song

August 8 - 23, 2013
Thursdays & Fridays @ 8pm (90 min show)

Stage Werx
446 Valencia St. (@ 16th), SF,

$20-25 available online and at the door

SF, CA / AUG 2013 -- There’s something shocking in Sean Owens’ shorts!  Foul Play Productions debuts the world premiere of Sean Owens’ BREECHES OF ETIQUETTE, a tailor-made evening of sartorial short plays and songs, featuring original music by songwriting partner Don Seaver, at Stage Werx theater this August.

Often, comedy springs from chaos-- a clever misunderstanding, an inability to comprehend. But it can also arise from impeccable control and acute understanding-- a chess match played at Benny Hill speed. Straining the fabric of polite society, BREECHES speaks bravely and brazenly to the things we have dared for decades not to say... those satin and sanguine secrets kept close to the skin. BREECHES OF ETIQUETTE delicately reminds us that 'genteel' and 'gentle' are not the same word at all. 

Interwoven with implicit understandings and unspoken bonds, BREECHES is both eloquent and elusive: from a courtship between Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty (The Game's Afoot) to a wedding groomsman “taking it in the apse” (Double Windsor), these six short plays and seven songs, presented as a tautly wound and subtly seamless night of theatre, conspire to create moments outside of time in which everything-- and everyone-- is up for grabs. Thus, cruise ships and game shows become courses in tactical (and tactile) advantage, and even old Macbeth gets a long-awaited makeover (The Candidate). 

The songwriting team of Owens & Seaver (Girlesque, Lady of the 'Loin and Cora's Christmas Corral) are more prolific and prophetic than ever, with songs that slide into the hidden pockets of pursuit and passion. Self-evident titles like "I'd Do Nancy Drew" and "Love Between Two Proper Gentlemen" stand alongside a tango-beat polemic on contemporary dating rituals ("Mixed Signals"), and some open-ended questions about opening up relationships ("Exception To The Rule"). Even in the altogether, BREECHES is altogether a revealing night of theatre.

“[Sean Owens is] master of the absurdly funny play... SF’s captain of theatrical camp.. SF’s Best Comic Playwright.”  --Chloe Veltman,
SF Weekly 

"Playwright Owens’ devious mind expresses itself brilliantly in these short pieces with a bounty of surprise twists and turns. The original musical score by Owens and Don Seaver melodically mirrors the evening’s delightful derangement."  --Tom Kelly, SF Bay Times 

BREECHES opens August 8, 2013, and runs through August 23, with performances on Thursdays and Fridays @ 8pm, at Stage Werx, 446 Valencia (near 16th), SF.  Tickets are $20-25 at or at the door.  More info at and  

BREECHES is from Foul Play Productions (Cameron Eng, Rik Lopes, Mikl-em, Sean Owens), authored by Sean Owens, with music composed by Don Seaver, and features the talents of: Mikka Bonel, Eddie Barol, Rik Lopes, James Mayagoitia, Amanda Ortmayer, Sean Owens, Nikita Schoen, Don Seaver, and Kathryn Wood.  


ABOUT SEAN OWENS: Sean Owens has written over 35 short and full-length plays, including three musicals with composer Don Seaver. He has received the Critics' Circle Award, garnered Audience Choice at NY's FRIGID Fest, and was named Best Comic Playwright (SF Weekly). He is also the co-founder of Foul Play Productions.

ABOUT DON SEAVER:  Don has gone from songwriting with a country/western band in Dallas to composing a ballet score for the Paul Taylor Dance Company, to numerous theatrical scores and sound designs winning several Bay Area Critics’ Circle Awards along the way.  2010 saw the release of his latest CD, Lessons Learned, featuring a fairly wide range of styles, from jazz to funk, from piano ballads to guitar rockers. 

ABOUT FOUL PLAY PRODUCTIONS: Since 2008, this SF based production company, founded by Sean Owens and Cameron Eng, has been dedicated to curating insightful, innovative, and accessible theater. They've brought you Attack of the Killer B-Movies (I & II), Left-Handed Darling and the runaway hit comedy, Stale Magnolias.  In 2011, their cadre expanded to include the writers, producers, performers Mikl-em and Rik Lopes to their ranks.  Their focus is on working with the vibrant, local talent to create unique and powerful theatrical events, with an economically resilient production style.