Monday, September 21, 2015

SHOCKTOBERFEST 16: Curse of the Cobra!

photos by David Allen
poster by Bill Selby
Theatre of Terror and Taboo

Thrillpeddlers announces their 16h Annual Extravaganza of Terror & Titillation which includes five new one-act performances: - CRACKING THE VEIN - A World-Premiere Black Comedy by Andy Wenger and Damien Chacona; DOWN AT THE DONNER PARTY DINER - A Song in Bad Taste by Scrumbly Koldewyn; THE MODEL HOUSE - A World-Premiere Terror Play in Two Parts by Rob Keefe; THE REVENGE OF THE SON OF THE COBRA WOMAN - A New Musical Fantasy Adventure by Scrumbly Koldewyn; and A LIGHTS-OUT SPOOKSHOW FINALE - created by Nicholas Torre.