Sunday, July 6, 2014

CALLING ALL FABULOUS ACTORS & ARTISTS: Script Workshop for Gaea Denker's Fabulous Expectations

We are seeking some friendly actors experienced in the drag scene to help bring an original play, Fabulous Expectations, to life!

Charles Dickens is rolling in his grave to see what we've done to his classic Great Expectations. In this campy musical parody adapted by Gaea Denker, a twist of fate thrusts a small-town straight boy into a high-stakes drag pageant in order to impress the gorgeous fag hag Estella. Will he win her heart? Will he win the pageant? Will they meet our expectations? Starring everyone's favorite washed-out title holder, Miz Havisham!

We are holding two script readings and would love your presence at either, and preferably both.

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Saturday, September 6, 2014

We will read through the current script, break for discussion, and read through the script again. Please plan for four hours on each date (afternoonish, exact times to be determined). Fabulous snacks will be provided!

Please contact Cameron Eng if you're available to read. Actors in the readings will also be considered for roles in the stage production.

And if you know of other artists/actors that may be interested in this project, please spread the word or let us know!

Playwright Gaea Denker has a fondness for classical lit and lowbrow wit. She writes comedic material for Ham Pants Productions, 915 Cayuga, and The Sparkleponies. She holds an MFA in writing for screen and stage, though local San Franciscans may know her better as Princess Cream Pie, faux queen and swinger-songwriter extraordinaire.


PIP - Young, innocent, small-town, bewildered; a straight fish-out-of-water in a gay world.

MIZ HAVISHAM - Jaded and world-weary; nearly won a major drag pageant years ago and hasn't won anything since.

ESTELLA - Beautiful, sassy, and cold. A fag hag that's all business and doesn't have time for Pip.

POCKET - Youthful and friendly; a slender boy with a kinky fondness for old hairy bears. Sweet and nurturing towards newcomer Pip.

MAGWITCH - A gruff, hairy trenchcoat-flasher with a charming fondness for slender boys.

BENTLEY - The fast-talking, catty drag queen currently reigning over the local pageant scene. Mean spirited and can't resist chocolate cake.

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