Sunday, March 9, 2014

April 8 & 9: Exquisite Corpse Theatre: Soap Opera!

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Mikl-em & Foul Play Productions present

Exquisite Corpse Theatre: Soap Opera

Written by the Audience the Night of the Show

April 8 - 9, 2014
Tuesday & Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Writing Party 7 to 8pm; Performance starts @ 8pm
Dressing Up Encouraged: Like you’re going to the Wedding of the Century!
Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia, b/t 15th & 16th, SF

$20 at the door and online at:
Ticket Includes Party Food and Drinks, while they last; Special Packages Available


​​SF, April 2014 --   You are invited to the Biggest Birthday-Funeral-Wedding-Show of the the Year!​ Mikl-em and Foul Play Productions present the latest in our continuing Exquisite Corpse Theatre series of unique interactive comedic events written by the audience the night of the show.

Every episode is a different genre and this time it’s a Soap Opera saga entitled THE LIFE YOU’LL NEVER HAVE! based on audience suggestions.  A Novel Tell-All Telenovela!  Two Shows Only: April 8 & 9.  Welcome to the daze of our lives!

ECT: Soap Opera poster designed by
Louise Jarmilowicz and Carrie Galbraith
Exquisite Corpse Theatre is a unique, immersive evening of art and entertainment--a party, game and performance, all-in-one. Each night an original, hilarious play is created collaboratively by the audience, then performed live moments later.

Like the Young and the Restless, we only have One Live to Live, and As the World Turns through Generations, when we’re stuck between a rock and a Melrose Place, we need a Guiding Light.  Like All My Children believe, if we Search for Tomorrow on the Edge of Night,we may find a a Sunset Beach and a Bright Promise!  Whether you're a Telenovela fella or a Prime Time aficionado, a breakfast serialist or think “Luke and Laura” is a bungled Star Wars reference, you’ll love this show!  Because this show loves you--even though it’s cheating on you with your brother’s blind amnesiac evil twin cousin’s love child.

Dress in your retro-finery (Joan Collins, JR Ewing, et al) to attend night of scandal, intrigue, shame, death, romance, betrayal, dysfunction, surprise, and more--culminating the ultimate Surprise Wedding of the Century!  That’s right, two characters will tie-the-knot in the grand finale, but we don’t know which pair until YOU vote that night!

The evening begins at 7pm with a party atmosphere, so guests can mingle with outrageous personages, meeting our costumed characters face-to-face. Then the audience become playwrights, and take turns writing small sections to an original serial saga--which goes into the hands of SF’s funniest comedians to perform LIVE!  No one knows quite what will happen, but it’s a night that you’ll never forget!

ECT: Soap Opera is on April 8 and 9, 2014, Tues & Wed @ 7pm, at Stage Werx Theatre, 446 Valencia Street (b/t 15 & 16th).  Tickets are $20 online and at the door at  More info at or
ECT: Soap Opera is an Exquisite Corpse Theatre show, a joint production from Mikl-em and Cameron Eng of Foul Play Productions.  This episode features Bryce Byerly, Damien Chacona, Lesley Freeman, Jim Jeske, Gerri Lawlor, Dean Mermell, Gaea Pett, Rebecca Portney, and Guy Silvestro.


ABOUT THE EXQUISITE CORPSE:  The Exquisite Corpse is a parlor game invented by the Surrealists in the early 20th Century as a way to create unpredictable collaborations. Each person only sees a small part of the last contributor’s writing or drawing. It is a bit like playing “telephone”: the composition progresses and digresses in unpredictable, wondrous, and funny ways.

In the late 20th Century The San Francisco Cacophony Society, legendary pranksters and merrymakers, adapted the Exquisite Corpse into a play-writing party game.  Now in tribute to and collaboration with many original Cacophonists, and because it's so damn fun, we’ve rebooted the Exquisite Corpse Play and mutated it more for the 21st Century.

ABOUT FOUL PLAY PRODUCTIONS:  Since 2008, this SF based production company has been dedicated to curating insightful, innovative, and accessible theater. They've brought you Attack of the Killer B-Movies (I & II), Left-Handed Darling, Wicker Man: the Rock Opera, Princess Bride: Live! and the runaway hit comedy, Stale Magnolias.  Continued by Cameron Eng with help from collaborators like Mikl-em, their focus is on working with the vibrant, local talent to create unique and powerful theatrical events, with an economically resilient production style.

ABOUT MIKL-EM: Chief ExCorpse Re-animator, Mikl-em has a 15+ year habit of breaking San Francisco theatre out of traditional boxes. As writer, actor, and producer Mikl focuses on surprising events that are participatory and delightful. Whether playing with the San Francisco Cacophony Society, performing on-stage at Dark Room Theater or DADAFest, or site-specifically at The All Worlds Fair or Popcorn Anti-Theater, he is dedicated to pushing theatre beyond its usual bounds.

The cast of "The Life You'll NEVER Have!" (James Jeske not pictured)
photographer Monica Hernandez

Gerri Lawlor as the ruthless Eveline Hardashian
who fights to keep her family and her company together
photographer Monica Hernandez

Bryce Byerly as the enigmatic reunited twins,
Chase Gaylord and Evel Hardashian
photographer Monica Hernandez
Guy Silvestro as the troubled Ernest Hardashian
photographer Monica Hernandez
Rebecca Poretsky as the explosive Hydra Hardashian
who suffers from multiple personality disorder
photographer Monica Hernandez
Dave McKew as "Prick" Hardashian
an 8-year old with a blossoming thyroid problem
photographer Monica Hernandez