Monday, February 3, 2014

ECT: Soap Opera in April!

TWO NIGHTS ONLY!   April 8 & 9, 2014 at Stage Werx Theatre.

Foul Play Productions and Mikl-em are please to announce our next Exquisite Corpse Theatre:  Soap Opera!

Exquisite Corpse Theatre produces unique, immersive art and entertainment. It’s a party, game and performance, all-in-one. Each night an original, hilarious play is created collaboratively by the audience and then performed live by our cast moments after it’s completed. We choose a different genre each time, and this time it’s a Soap Opera!  Two nights only, April 8th & 9th, 2014.

Every Soap Opera has a cast of outlandish personalities, and ours is no exception. A well-to-do family with secrets and skeletons in every closet. There’s budding romance, jealousy, and scores to settle!

Join us for a night of scandal, intrigue, shame, romance, betrayal, dysfunction, surprise, and more!! All tied together by stilted dialogue and outlandish characters. AND the ultimate Soap Opera wedding. Come to the show dressed to attend the most outrageous surprise wedding ever. Suprise? That’s right, two characters will tie-the-knot in the grand finale, but we don’t know which pair until YOU the audience vote for who gets hitched that night!

The evening begins in a party atmosphere, with light refreshments, projections, music and fun. And our Soap Opera characters will be wandering the floor--who knows what secrets you’ll overhear and what passions you may witness while the party is going on. You’ll get familiar with our cast of crazy personalities, all soap opera archetypes--innocent or devious, lusty or lushes, hungry for power, or passionate for revenge.

Then as the party goes on our audience steps out in small groups to take turns writing the script for the night’s play. We’ve developed lots of fun ways to contribute to the writing. It’s easy and you don’t need a literature degree or an encyclopedic Soap Opera knowledge to join in. You can dictate a line or two of the monologue or give the bride and groom help with their vows or type up a few minutes of dialogue using the special play-writing app we’ve created in our writers room.

Then we print the scripts and put them in the hands of our cast--some of SF’s finest comedic actors, to bring your outrageous, surprising script to life. No one knows quite what will happen, but it's always hilarious. And everyone, actor and audience, is astounded and delighted by how it turns out!

Your night is even more fun if you get in the spirit by dressing up for our Soap Opera Wedding reception. Go formal or dress to impress in retro-finery from your favorite soap opera era. There is no dress code, as long as you wear something that inspires you to have fun at a one-of-a-kind, interactive, unpredictable theatrical event.