Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Home Theatre Experience: It's All in the Delivery!

Transform your home, office or disused barn into a glittering theatrical showplace, presented with impeccable taste!  Our premium menu of sweet and savory concoctions is YOURS to peruse! Choose the plays suited perfectly to your tastes, and let our theatrical experts fill your home with laughter, music and merriment in an unforgettable night guaranteed to make you the Talk of the Town!

Enjoy a night of highly cultured entertainment, seasoned with clever and clandestine ribaldry, in the comfort of your own home! If you've ever paid top dollar for show tickets and thought, "I could have stayed in..." Now you CAN, and enjoy the finest, freshest performances available anywhere. Perfect for special occasions! Certain to impress even the most continental crowd! Palace, parking lot or pig-sty-- any home can be transformed by the HOME THEATRE EXPERIENCE!

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Our highly-trained, and highly theatrical staff are standing by! Enliven a special occasion, or conjure an unforgettable night of theatre for your family and friends! This only-in-San Francisco phenomenon is the first of its kind and is only available for a select handful of dates!   Book tonight, and make theatre history--without ever leaving your home!

We offer you an unparalleled experience: custom-tailored, in-home theatre. Carefully crafted to the space and our Esteemed Guests, we give submit a mouth-watering menu.   Feast on the array of theatrical morsels, and consider whether you or someone you hold dear would benefit from a Home Theatre Experience. This is the kind of opportunity that could only exist in a time and a culture such as ours-- and be among its first chosen audience!

Your Executive Chef and Playwright, Sean Owens prides himself on pleasing a wide variety of tastes-- from the urbane to the risqué-- and the selection of Plays offered are considered by critics  and audience alike to be the cream of his collection.  In addition, Chef Owens will offer Seasonal Specialities-- including a harvest crop of World Premieres, available beginning in August of this year! 

By booking now, you ensure not only the finest playwriting possible-- but also the freshest!

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